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Our Mission: Feeding Bodies and Souls in Our Local Community

2018 Vestry Goals & Objectives

What we're doing, and the impact it is having

Goal #1: Expand our feeding programs

  1. Increase the number of nights we serve meals for Paso Cares from one night per month to three nights per month by December 31, 2018.
  2. Double our volunteer force for Food Bank distributions by December 31, 2018.
  3. Increase our days of food distribution from three/month to four/month by December 31, 2018.
  4. Double our financial support for Lunch Bunch by December 31, 2018.

Progress as of August 2018: Ahead of plan. Our north county distribution capacity currently exceeds food deliveries from Food Bank's warehouse. This will normalize as Food Bank adds more routes.

Goal #2: Organize fellowship events that strengthen our church family

  1. Host a Newcomer's Dinner (June 9)
  2. Concerts In The Park (August)
  3. Resume foyer group dinners (Fall 2018)

Progress as of August 2018: On track to meet goal

Goal #3: Engage in acts of reconciliation to help heal a divided world

  1. Living Room Conversations (LRC) began at St. James on Pentecost Sunday
  2. Host an LRC event that involves our community by December 31, 2018.

Progress as of August 2018: On track to meet goal

Goal #4: Increase the financial strength of St. James

  1. End the year 2018 with a larger financial reserve than we began with

Progress as of August 2018: Our finances are holding steady due to spending controls and prepaid pledges. Fundraising in the last quarter of 2018 should add to our reserves.

Goal #5: Address the deferred maintenance of our buildings and grounds

  1. Develop a restoration plan with short and long term projects
  2. Separate projects by funding source: operating budget vs. capital campaign
  3. Create a 5-year calendar for the restoration plan

Progress as of August 2018: Termite abatement has been completed and related repairs to the church building are in planning; front and south-side door replacement is scheduled for early September; and drought-tolerant landscape improvements are planned later in the year.


Senior Warden: Michael Coffin

Building & Grounds: Yvonne Cryns

Finance: Dennis Breckow

Junior Warden: Lucy Simola

Hospitality: Patty Breckow

Education: Cynthia Mosely

Stewardship: Mark Plants

Outreach: Lee Adinolfi

Communications: Justin Hansen

Parish Administrator: Sylvia Barker

Parish Treasurer: Denise Chouinard

Recording Secretary: Diane Coffin

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