St. James Church

St. James Church

Paso Robles, California USA

(805) 238-0819

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Our Mission: Feeding Bodies and Souls to Reflect the Light of Christ

2019 Vestry Goals & Objectives

Feeding the Hungry

  • Lunch Bunch: continue weekly clean-up and financial support
  • Food Bank distribution: continue three times per month; add one additional time when the Food Bank is ready.
  • Paso Cares evening meals: continue two times per month.
Welcoming Newcomers

  • A social gathering to be held twice in 2019
  • Online photo directory
  • Develop a way of incorporating new members into the congregation
Acts of Reconciliation

  • Talk with neighbors four times this year
  • Be a presence at one Paso Robles City council meeting each month
  • Invite the Mayor to come and talk to the Vestry
  • Living Room Conversations twice this year
Move Towards Being Financially Self-Sustaining

  • Stewardship pledge as a statement of faith
  • Foundation Trust updated and publicized
  • Be clear in our communication about finances
Develop a Master Plan

  • Implement a yearlong task force to look at our campus
  • Develop a Strategic plan for maintenance of our buildings and grounds
  • Complete the Sacristy project in 2019

Senior Warden: Mark Plants

Building & Grounds: Marc Whipp

Finance: Dennis Breckow

Junior Warden: Lucy Simola

Hospitality: Patty Breckow

Education: Cynthia Mosely

Stewardship: Newlin Hastings

Outreach: Yvonne Cryns

Communications: Justin Hansen

Fundraising: Ed Railsback

Worship: Lucy Simola


Parish Administrator: Sylvia Barker

Parish Treasurer: Denise Chouinard

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