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St. James Church

Paso Robles, California

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Wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome here.
Sunday 8:00am and 10:00am and Wednesday 6:00pm.

Blessing of the Animals | October 2, 2016

Living in the heart of Franciscan California, and surrounded by Franciscan missions, we have a special connection to Francis of Assisi whose feast day is October 4. Francis was called by God to “rebuild my church” and was one of the first reformers of the Roman Church. He is better known as the patron of animals. He once preached a sermon to a flock of birds, wherein he reminds them of all that God has provided for them and ends with “therefore, my little sisters, beware of the sin of ingratitude, and study always to give praises unto God.” We would be wise to heed those words, too. It is traditional to bless animals on his feast day.

On October 2 you are encouraged to bring your non-human family members to church at both services for a blessing. If you prefer, the Rector has blessed oil for you to take home to anoint any pet that was not able to come to the church. On that day we will also have a special way of memorializing our pets that have gone before us. Any pet is welcome, but please make sure that all animals are properly restrained.

St. James is . . .

  • † An historic church
  • † A spiritual foundation
  • † A place of welcome and acceptance
  • † A conduit of beauty, joy, and grace
  • † A center for community life

Come and be part of St. James! You are welcome here. St. James has been part of the Paso Robles community for more than 125 years. It is both a place of welcome, prayer, and growth and a vibrant community of people seeking to grow spiritually through prayer and worship, to proclaim the good news of God made known in Christ Jesus, and to promote justice, peace and love.

We seek to do this through . . .

Worship is at the heart of our life as a parish faith community. The sacramental life nourishes us week by week and common prayer strengthens us day by day. St. James' Sunday and weekday services provide a variety of worship opportunities for members, friends, and visitors.
Our parish community provides a strong center for our lives and we seek always to expand our boundaries through involvement in the greater community. St. James hosts over 30 recovery programs each week, supports People's Kitchen and the Saturday Lunch Bunch, the SLO Food Bank, and Loaves and Fishes.
We believe that Christian formation is a life-long process that nurtures us intellectually and spiritually, equipping us to live out our baptismal promises. St. James hosts both one-time and on-going educational opportunities.
parish Life and pastoral care
The fabric of our life as a community of faith is maintained and nurtured through pastoral care and fellowship opportunities. We seek to support each other in the life of faith: in joy and in sorrow, in good times and in bad.
buildings and grounds
We are blessed with a beautiful church and a patio and garden area that provides an oasis of calm in the midst of our bustling downtown area. Church facilities are used by a variety of community groups.

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